Writing A Book? The Beginning of Something Big?

Now that's an interesting thought, isn't it? I could never have imagined that I would get down to writing a book, or at least attempting to write one. I have harboured this secret urge for quite some time now, and I feel that with time on my hands and nothing better to do, I might as well get down to writing a book. 

I could of course, watch tons of movies, considering that I have got 4x24 hours at my disposal, but something within me tells me that it's now or never. Everyone feels like writing a book at some point in their lives. Some do it, and some don't. I have no idea whether I will be able to actually get down to it or even get a few pages written down, but rest assured, I am going to give it a shot to say the least.

But before that, a few questions that I must ask myself:

  • Subject?
Ramblings of a few blokes working for one of the greatest companies that man/woman has ever worked in (sorry, can't elaborate more than this - fear of being whipped by the corp comm team of this company).
Story's about a group of guys who talk about everyone and everything under the sun. Mind you - it's got a lot of stuff that guys would normally talk about (and that involves a lot of dirty stuff). An insight into the minds of a few normal guys.
  • Plot?
Are you kidding me? Nothing!!!
  • Plans of making this a full-time hobby?
Since the recession is already here, I need to figure out an alternative shot at making some money at least.
  • Will it become a movie?
Now, there's a thought...
  • Who's going to be your audience?
I don't know...anyone who has a lot of time to do nothing.
  • Is access free of charge?
As are all the good things in life - yes...this is free access to one and all who care (or don't). Well, free at least for some time. Once (and if) it becomes a rage, then who knows? I know I am greedy.
  • Afraid of being sued?
Who isn't?
  • Timelines?
Starting now, Saturday, 25th October, 2008. Don't know when (and if) I will finish.
  • Where should the readers go to read the junk that I'll write?
Umm...good question. Will post the link as soon as I make some progress.
  • Ready?
  • Go...

~ Hef.


Nags said…
Is this going anywhere? :)
Hef said…
take a wild guess....

....nowhere! just like everything else

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