Lyrics to Night Lovers (1992) by Bappi Lahiri

My Twitter timeline recently had this gem of a song that I had completely forgotten about. The only memory of the song that I had was the song title and the tune that it embodied. It was a good refresher and brightened up my day. When I listened to the song this time, somehow the lyrics piqued my interest more than before. Perhaps because I've become inquisitive about the nonsensical lyrics that Honey Singh trashes out or  perhaps because they were so ridiculous in this day and age of YouTube that my interest was piqued.

Anyway, I tried my best to find the lyrics to this song on Google. Found absolutely no search results for this! Went to various sites that I believed to have contained lyrics to all the possible Hindi songs ever released and didn't find it there either. I realized that this was my "golden" opportunity to do community service for Bappi's legion of fans.

I took it upon myself to listen to the song over and over, and try and figure out the lyrics to the song to the best of my ability. I found this quite a challenge to be very honest, even though I've lived all my life in Calcutta, the heartland of where Bappi's accent comes from, and have heard English words being Bonglicized in various accents through that time. This was quite a daunting task and eventually, after 45 minutes, I was able to come up with some sort of a sensible (ironical, isn't it?) version of the lyrics to the song.

For years to come, fans of Bappi Da will remember me to be the man who revived the Night Lovers song and penned it down (quite literally).

I still need some help in the sentences that have a "(?)" against them since I really couldn't catch the words and this really is a best guess effort.

Night Lovers (1992)

Laavers (Lovers), Night Laavers (Lovers)
When I see a pretty gaarl (girl) moow (move) een (in) the deesco (disco)
I want my fraends (friends) to khaao piyo kheesko (khisko)
Leave aas (us) alone on the dance floor
Groove in the night the hours (?) could be more.

Laavers (Lovers), Night Laavers (Lovers) (3)

Saturday raat ko hota hai bukhaar
Monday subah tak utre nahi yaar
Kiss kare, mees (miss) kare, ban kare kees (kiss) (?)
Yunh sharmaaon na, come here pliss (please)
Laavers (Lovers), Night Laavers (Lovers) (3)

1900 mein go bunanus (bananas)
O mere dilbar, o jaanejaanaas
Rock out the clock in archies or sailors (?)
All you pretty girls and you naughty fellers (fellows)
Laavers (Lovers), Night Laavers (Lovers) (3)

{confused and misplaced Indian classical fusion interlude}

Juhu Beach, Chowpatty, Maaaadh (Madh) Island
Fusion, Rock, Pop, sab ka hai yeh band
Bang eet (it) on the beach, shake eet (it) een (in) the sand
But maamy (mummy) ke saamne, nayver (never) hold hands.
Laavers (Lovers), Night Laavers (Lovers) (3)

Pehle teleephone (telephone) pe pataao
Doston ki caarein mein khoob ghumaao
Ice cream kheelao (khilao), juice bhi peelaao (pilao)
Daddy ko magaar heent (hint) na dilaao
Unko lage tum collayj (college) jaate ho
Paataa (Pata) na chale kahaan se aate ho
Shaart mein, coat mein, yaa ho jeans pant
Premiyon ka rap, let’s all chant
Laavers (Lovers), Night Laavers (Lovers) (3)

{painful trumpet interlude with "Christmassy" cymbals}

Laavers (Lovers), we are Night Laavers (Lovers) (3) 
Eeeeeyyyyaaaahhhhhhh we are Night Laavers (Lovers) (2)


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