How To Make A Fool Of Oneself

While everyone is writing about the Mumbai terrorist attacks, I just thought that it would make more sense for me to write on anything but that. It's funny how we tend to go overboard, over-sensationalizing an event. While I agree that it might have hurt a lot of people and it definitely did affect me too, it sometimes tends to get irritating that no matter which channel you watch, no matter which newspaper you read, no matter which blog you decide to track down, no matter which article you read on your Google Reader, it always comes back to the same thing - 'The Mumbai Terrorist Attacks'

I think it's high time people got along with their lives and figured out that they should do something in order to avoid a terrible situation like that, instead of writing about it of all things. Yes - there will be that initial reaction of the public to voice their opinion, or pen it down, but this can be effective only to a certain extent. Do your bit - and if you ask me that question, 'What can I do to change things' and don't have an answer for it, don't waste your time penning down your opinions, because frankly, they don't make a difference to anyone.

I am upset with the way we as a country have handled this debacle. Let's stop blaming the government for these things. Instead, we should at this time stand behind the government and resolve to take matters into our hands and deliver what is due to these enemies of society - destruction. Instead, here we are blaming Shivraj Patil, Vilasrao Deshmukh, and now, even Ram Gopal Varma for no reason whatsoever. Who could have foreseen such a situation. What wrong did Deshmukh do to walk in with his son and RGV - are they not citizens? Are they not concerned? Does the public really think that RGV was there just to figure out whether he could translate this incident into a movie...and even if he did - what's wrong with the thought?

This is exactly why we bear the brunt of these terrorist attacks time and again - it's the sheer lack of solidarity that we display to the entire world. We start pointing fingers at people and blaming them for any lapses. We are the same people who when frisked at malls/establishments, contort our faces and get irritated at the security agencies doing their jobs and exclaiming 'If I wanted to get a bomb in, would I put it in the boot of my car?' Well, guess what happened at the JW Marriott in Pakistan?

Let's stop pointing our phalanges towards other people and institutions and instead, be self conscious and start tolerating a little more than we do as described above. Remember, when you point a finger at someone else, there are 3 fingers pointing back at you. Be cognizant of the fact that all the commandoes of the world will not make a difference until and unless you yourself are dilligent and aware enough about your surroundings.

I am not trying to say in any way that these terrorist attacks could have been prevented. It could only have been done by God, if at all, for none of us have the foresight to predict such events. It's important for the citizens of this country to instead come together as a stolid figure and quash these terrorist attacks. Yes - there will be more's a way of life and no security of any degree can prevent that. Maybe we too should go to war and wipe out all the fanatic Islam outfits that exist in the world and maybe even get rid of Pakistan if we have to.

The thing that saddens me is that even if we were to do that, so immature are we as a country that we will get into an argument about something or the other internally for sure. We were just not ready for independence when we got it. I am meandering a little bit, but that's where this mess has really stemmed from. Face it, we are still divided as a country, as a race, as a nation. This is nothing but encouragement for any terrorist outfit and attacks will continue to happen as long as we remain this way.

Let's not cry ourselves hoarse and blame government after government for the mess that we ourselves are responsible for. What could we have done do you ask? Well, what could anyone have done for that matter is what I ask you. You can argue for the sake of argument, but can you give me an answer to that question - if so, let's crown you king of India and see how many fingers are pointed at you when something does go wrong.

~ Hef.


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