Name Change? Vote Now!

In the afternoon today, I was trying to see if was up for grabs so that I could register my domain and have some ads run on my site (no harm in making some money while I write - right?). Fortunately, I found that the domain name '' was available and would have cost me only INR 349/year. I was about to press the checkout button and key in my credit card details, when I heard a voice behind me, which said "What are you buying?' That, ladies and gentlemen, was my wife who keeps track of each and every move I make without letting me know at all times.

I explained my intent to her and asked her if it made sense for me to buy a domain name or not for the reason I pointed out above + the fact that it would look good - "Visit for more details..." She seemed to buy the idea, but jokingly added "What's the point in having a website whose name I cannot even disclose to my parents?" I was stumped. I mean - although I have explained that Hefner was a name given to me by my colleagues at work in Hyderabad, does it still come across as a name that is too self-praising (or not), adulterous, vain, vulgar, difficult to believe, or am I just imagining too much?

While most of us netizens who are familiar with the ways of the Internet would understand why I have a pseudo-name, would the people who are on the other side of the fence and more particularly, the older generation think of me as a sleazy Indian male pornstar? This might be an insignificant fraction of all the people who might read this blog or even have heard about it, but just thinking out loud here... would it make sense for me to blog in my own name rather than call myself Hef?

Keeping in trend with the times (election time), vote to the right and let me know what you think.

~ Hef (or maybe not)


I think its okay! I'm sure everyone understands this some boy/men fun as part of a gang ( which is notorious from what I know ;))

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