What's the Point?

'Slumdog' kids Ismail and Rubina gifted flats

Found this article and was repulsed immediately. The movie was about a few kids who grew up in a slum in Mumbai. It displayed the troubles that the people in the slums normally go through. Yet, once again, the Government decided to do their bit by further increasing the gap between the rich and the poor by 'gifting' flats to 'Slumdogs' Rubina and Ismail (I didn't call them 'Slumdogs', the article did) from the movie, and very conveniently, forgot about the rest of the inhabitants of the slum areas and the non-actors.

I ask you - What's the point?

Talk about bridging the socio-economic gap. ha!

They just lost my vote - not that I have voted in the past or would have voted in the future in the first place - atleast in this corrupt, excuse of a country.

I ask you - What's the point?

- Hef


You should vote. Always. Have your say.
Sailesh said…
Vote kar bhai.. vote kar..

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