The Return of Hef - II

Called this post 'The Return of Hef - II', because wasn't sure whether I had already made my return in an earlier blogpost. With the advent of Twitter, I have realized a couple of things:

a) Writing long blog posts is not for me. In other words, it is not in vogue any more. 140 characters seems good enough for me to express my opinion, chide someone, criticize/praise a product/thought/person, etc. However, given the same limit, sometimes my views don't come out in their entirety and intent. Hence, my return to blogging. It remains to be seen though, whether this will continue for long and for how long.

b) Just like writing long posts became a difficult issue to deal with, reading long posts was even worse. Once again, with the advent of the 140-character wonder, the fact is that in those 140 characters, the point is made, conveyed, and bares itself to the reader in its full glory. Interpretation depends on the intelligence of the reader though.

Although the concept of limited character space has caught on fabulously, I feel that one's complete viewpoint on different things can only be expressed in space that is determined by oneself. Hence, this blog post.

I shall try and frequent this space more often, albeit on random topics and shorter ones at that too, but I can say this for sure - this is definitely the Return of Hef - I, II, or otherwise.

More soon.

~ H


Nags said…
I don't like being given a limit to the number of words or characters I am allowed. That's one reason why I am not a fan of twitter. I also like to elaborate, dissect and add a disclaimer to my opinion and twitter falls short there too.

Having a said that, long blog posts were never in so I am with you there.

Yes, the fate of your blog and mine are yet to be seen :)

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