Finally, a CxO.

It all started in October 2007, when a good friend and partner in crime, Arjun Kolady decided to start a new venture. A venture that within 2.5 years would reach more than 100 resilient and passionate individuals.

I have now made the elite list of the under-30s CxO contacts in India as a (brace yourself) - ''Chief Subversion Officer" for the 101-strong 'We Hate Gurgaon' group on Facebook.

I was appointed a CxO on inception, but didn't think back then when we started that this would become a meaningful position. It was just a post created to add an element of fun for all who were part of this movement (hope I don't get into trouble for saying this). Now that we have over a 100 members, the meaning of this position becomes all the more meaningful and important to me personally. I pledge my allegiance and undying loyalty to this great cause.

Will YOU be the 102nd?

~ Hef

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